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Arturo Bris
Professor Arturo Bris
Professor of Finance, Director of IMD World Competitiveness Center

Arturo Bris ( ranks among the top one hundred most read finance academics in the world. He is the author of several books, a frequent speaker at international conferences, and appears regularly on…

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Bruno Lanvin
President of the Smart City Observatory at IMD

Bruno Lanvin has been the President of the Smart City Observatory since its creation in 2018.

After a distinguished career that took him from the United Nations, the World Bank and INSEAD, he joined IMD in 2018. He is…

01:52How 'smart' do you see your city since the COVID-19 pandemic?
IMD Smart City Index 2021
What does it mean if your city is "smart"? The survey assessed residents' perceptions of their city's application of technology.

The Institute for Management Development, in collaboration with Singapore University for Technology and Design (SUTD), has released the 2021 Smart City Index, with key findings on how the rapid spread of COVID-19 among urban populations has led city leaders to face new responsibilities.

Hundreds of citizens from 118 cities were surveyed in July 2021 and asked questions on the technological provisions of their city across five key areas: health and safety, mobility, activities, opportunities and governance.

The pandemic has seen an acceleration of digital and ecological transformations in smart cities. This acceleration is redefining resilience, which is increasingly becoming a local objective. And cities that have been seen as handling COVID challenges in an efficient and effective way rank high in the report.
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It includes 16 case studies, produced by the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities at SUTD (covering Asia and the Pacific) and the IMD World Competitiveness Center (covering other parts of the world). Producing these studies has yielded important lessons about how to enhance the value and uniqueness of our smart city index, as well as precious insights on how our two institutions can work together in a very synergistic way to produce unique insights.

Sixteen shades of Smart has been awarded the bronze medal in the category Business Intelligence/Innovation at the Axiom Book Awards.

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