Luxury 2050 Forum

Inspiring what could be, we want to shape the future of a more innovative, relevant, and environmentally and socially responsible luxury.

Our mission

The IMD Luxury 2050 Forum is a respected community that supports its members development and continuous learning. A group of several hundred IMD alumni working across a wide range of luxury industries, our enthusiasm is the result of many years and exposure to different programs. Our meeting through the IMD Luxury Alumni Community is often the first encounter we have had with each other. Join us today.

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The Forum’s Parrain

Philippe Blondiaux
Global CFO at CHANEL

"Very excited to accept the proposal to become the “Parrain” of the IMD Luxury 2050 Forum and bring my modest contribution to this exciting think tank and community. CFOs have the unique chance to be at the crossroads of companies decision-making processes and strategic reflections. They need to use this chance and opportunity to do the right things : shape the long term future of their companies, functions, and shape the role their companies should play in society at large."

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Meet the Executive Board

Stéphane Jg Girod
Professor Stéphane Jg Girod
Professor of Strategy and Organizational Innovation

Stéphane JG Girod’s research, teaching, and consulting focus on the development of business agility in response to the many forms of disruption faced by organizations in today’s world. He sets out his thinking on the…