Gain recognition for your professional development in business management and leadership

Enjoy better long-term career opportunities with the PED Diploma program.

The program takes you on a 360˚ transformational journey, rapidly building your skills, confidence and influence to lead successfully at a personal and organizational level. Once you achieve mastery, you will be recognized for your expertise with the PED Diploma.

The Diploma program is modular with several flexible starting points per year. You will learn in two key stages:

  1. Get the business fundamentals, essential cross-functional skills, and learn how to integrate them into your business
  2. Focus on you as a leader of change 

Starting from just 7 weeks, plus executive coaching and distance learning support.

PED_impact_transition to general management

Get up to speed with the concepts and capabilities you need to successfully transition to general management and business leadership

PED_impact_guiding vision_general management

Understand how to provide a guiding vision, to pull together various functions, businesses or country teams to create value

PED_impact_leverage_general management

Leverage the strengths of your different team members to create an integrated whole that is focused on winning

PED_impact_business leadership_

Become a confident, fulfilled general manager and business leader

You and your class

You are an experienced manager who has recently transitioned or will soon transition into a business leadership/general management position. You are looking to boost your leadership capabilities and be able to manage organizational change.

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The class you will join is individually put together through a selection process to ensure that you experience the most impactful learning with a truly diverse group of global peers. Your class will become a trusted resource, encourage your learning journey and surprise you in many unanticipated beneficial ways both during and beyond your classroom experience.

Avg. years of experience
countries worldwide
average age
PED_KPI_senior manager
upper middle/ senior manager

The PED Diploma takes you on a fascinating deep dive into the latest research and best practices of all relevant General Management disciplines, combined with a very thorough personal leadership development stream.

Florian vom Bruch


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Program length: 7 weeks minimum in 2 flexible stages

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