Building win-win partnerships

You develop your negotiation skills through a carefully selected combination of lectures, small group discussions, and real-life negotiation simulations with other participants. Before the program starts, you will be asked to take a short survey so we can gain an understanding of the typical negotiation issues you face and what you believe your weaknesses or areas of development are.

Impactful learning

Negotiation course_structure

Get up to speed with the latest research in negotiation analysis

You will be exposed to sophisticated analytical and conceptual insights, drawing on the latest advances in the field of negotiation analysis.

Gain hands-on experience in a risk-free environment

Real-world exercises are an invaluable opportunity to learn from the diverse wealth of experience of your peers. You will identify your strengths, areas needing development and then you will work with coaches to enhance your negotiation skills.

Link what you learn to your own challenges

You will have the opportunity to apply your new knowledge to a current negotiation challenge you are facing in your own professional context. You will be asked to reflect and prepare a short analysis of your personal experience, which you will use as a context for your learning and as an opportunity to get feedback from your peers and faculty.


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