IMD has maintained the #1 spot in the Bloomberg Businessweek 2022-2023 MBA ranking for European business schools.

“IMD’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its sustained top performance across rankings from influential business publications, and we are delighted to maintain our #1 ranking by Bloomberg Businessweek,” said Professor Omar Toulan, Dean of the MBA program.

“We are particularly pleased to see that we also improved across all categories which is a testament to our efforts to deliver the best and most impactful program for our students,” added Toulan. IMD scored #1 in compensation, learning, and entrepreneurship and was ranked second in networking, the ranking showed.

IMD has been ranked #1 since 2019 when Bloomberg Businessweek split its Global ranking into regional rankings.

For this year’s ranking, alumni from the MBA classes of 2013, 2014 and 2015 were surveyed, as well as participants from the class of 2021. Bloomberg Businessweek also surveyed employers that recruited MBA graduates for full-time positions.

“Across multiple rankings and methodologies, the IMD MBA is consistently ranked among the very top,” said Toulan. “At the same time, we will never design our program to accommodate the rankings. We are driven by our purpose which is to develop leaders who transform organizations and contribute to society. However, it is always appreciated when the accomplishments of our students, alumni, faculty and staff are recognized.”

Toulan took over as the new Dean of the MBA Program on 1 January 2022. High on his agenda is a greater focus on fostering reflective and responsible leaders who can contribute to making the world more prosperous, but also more sustainable and inclusive.

IMD has beefed up the program’s focus on leadership and sustainability to give graduates the skills to transform organizations, the intelligence to overcome dilemmas, and the ability to advocate, on occasion, for taking the higher, less-well travelled road.

In addition, IMD has launched a new MBA Venture Award to strengthen the IMD startup community by providing budding entrepreneurs in the MBA class with the financial support and mentorship needed to grow innovative business ideas.

The 2022 class consists of 104 participants from 39 nationalities, including 10% from Africa and the Middle East and 10% from North America. A record 36 women form part of the class. Participants come from a diverse range of industries, including finance, energy, and consumer goods, enabling rich learning opportunities.