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Marie-France Tschudin, IMD MBA 2000
By IMD - 25 April 2022
Inclusive hiring and promotion practices need to be nurtured like a relationship, says Novartis executive Marie-France Tschudin, IMD MBA 2000
Shalom Tang, IMD MBA 2008
By IMD - 14 January 2022
Moving jobs to an educational NGO that helps people in China’s rural communities access higher education and training, gave Shalom Tang, MBA 2008, something his global corporate career could not offer him: purpose.
Quah Ley Hoon, IMD MBA 2021
By IMD - 15 July 2021
The learning Chief Executive: head of Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore on ‘servant leadership’
Adam Craker, IMD MBA 1996
By IMD - 13 May 2021
How COVID-19 is spurring innovation in South Africa
Omar Molato, IMD MBA 2010
By IMD - 1 January 2021
Good communication supports teams and enables resilience in COVID-19 times
Aurore Amaudruz, IMD MBA 2020
By IMD - 2 December 2020
Trailblazing engineer and entrepreneur to take a lead role in accelerating renewable energy business
Schuyler Weiss, IMD MBA 2017
By IMD - 1 December 2020
Move over old dogs, challenger banks are here to take over!
Alumni Roy Rong, IMD MBA 2018
By IMD - 30 September 2020
"Pursuing an MBA is just as difficult as attending medical school"
Alumni Søren Skou, IMD MBA 1997
By IMD - 22 July 2020
Trade to rebound and digitisation to accelerate, predicts Maersk CEO
Alumni Gord Ray, IMD MBA 2002
By IMD - 1 December 2019
An Instagram exec on the evolution of social media and how the MBA shaped his life
Serena Shamash, IMD MBA 2007
By IMD - 7 February 2019
Eat Me: creating a restaurant business that inspires
John F. Gallagher, IMD MBA 1976
By IMD - 7 November 2017
John F. Gallagher reflects on the IMD MBA in his past and present
Remembering the first IMD MBA class
By IMD - 1 June 2017
Prominent alumni revisit their experience of a lifetime

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