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IMD MBA Alumni Statistics
The IMD MBA Alumni community
By IMD - 30 November 2021
IMD's mission is to accompany, assist and support IMD Alumni in their lifelong learning journey and in building powerful business networks.
MBA Alumni social impact recognition
By IMD - 14 May 2020
The inaugural IMD-elea Social Impact Recognition was awarded to three exemplary IMD alumni.
MBA Class of 1970-71 celebrates 50 Year Reunion
By IMD - 30 September 2020
The close-knit group honors their IMD days with a devotion to friendship and continued learning, says alumnus Rodney Habbershaw.
Chance meeting in the IMD network
By IMD - 14 December 2021
IMD EMBA Stefano Poli, and MBA alumnus, Hans Ottosen, launch new tech system for shipping.
The world is his oyster - Parminder Kohli
By IMD - 30 April 2020
Shell Vice President Parminder Kohli (MBA 2001) on oil, obstacles and opportunities
01:46IMD MBA First weeks for the class of 2019
IMD MBA First weeks for the class of 2019
Get a taste of the first weeks of the IMD MBA, as our participants arrive on campus, eager to explore the MBA course structure and set their learning objectives...
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