Get your Executive Coaching Certificate and prepare for ICF credentials with IMD

Coaching is one of the most critical skills you can master today to ensure continuing development and positive growth in your leadership, business and life.

With the rapid rise of this profession, it is even more important that you hold the best credentials, confirming your skills, achievements, knowledge and abilities to deliver high-impact results.

You choose the parts you need – starting with coaching essentials, through to advanced coaching, IMD coaching certification and preparation for ICF credentials.

Choosing IMD guarantees that you will unleash your greater potential, offering you unrivalled learning with cutting-edge thought leadership, academic research, psychological approaches and an extensive coaching community.

Who is this program for?

self awareness

Supercharge your self-awareness, accelerating your personal and professional development

deeper theoretical roots

Be equipped with the deeper theoretical roots of coaching, latest practices and psychometric tools

Executive Coach

Become a skilled, high-impact executive coach, connected to an expert community of top coaches and business leaders

ICF credentialing

Receive personalized accompaniment and preparation for ICF credentialing

personal brand

Nurture your personal “brand” as a coach. Develop your unique strengths with a cutting-edge toolbox of coaching approaches

IMD certificate and preparation for ICF credentials

The educational content exposes you to a powerful set of psychological approaches. Develop your personal coaching essence by discovering what works best for you with different audiences (senior individuals, teams and organizations) and in different contexts.

Each module gives you access to the relevant amount of ICF accredited hours of coaching training and supervision as well as significant time of coaching practice.

Unique program leading to an IMD certificate and ICF credentials
Face-to-face, immersive learning, led by expert faculty and coaches
growth as a coach whose personal “brand” is in high demand
Access to a community of top coaches and business leaders
Is this program for me?

You may already be a coach, are in transition, or looking to enhance your leadership with coaching skills. You have a minimum of five years’ leadership experience. You are looking for professional certification and ICF credentials. 

A complete coaching journey in two stages

Stage 1 - Executive Coaching Essentials

• Experienced executive looking to leverage their coaching capabilities
• Leader or manager in a function such as HR, organizational development & training, involved in creating a coaching culture

Stage 2* - Executive Coaching Certificate

• Experienced executive looking for an official coaching certificate and ICF credentials to grow their skillset and/or transition into coaching
• Non-certified, experienced coach looking for an official coaching certificate and ICF credentials through the Portfolio Path
• Business coach looking to transition into a leadership executive coaching role with an official coaching certificate through the Portfolio Path
• Certified coach looking to get/renew ICF credentials
• Experienced coach looking to enhance their skillset with a deeper understanding of coaching’s theoretical roots

* Participants who wish to apply to Stage 2 only, must have prior coaching experience with specific coaching training and official hours of coaching practice.

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Benefit from faculty expertise and research

Séverine Jourdain - IMD Executive Director, Coaching & Leadership Excellence

Séverine is Executive Director, Coaching & Leadership Excellence at IMD, leveraging her diverse “hats” as Coaching Community Leader and Executive Coach to maximize the impact of our IMD Coaching offering for clients. Séverine is a recognized executive leadership and business senior coach with 20+ years’ experience, ICF MCC credentialed, supporting C-Suite individuals, leadership teams and full organizations to thrive. 

Susan Goldsworthy - Affiliate Professor, Leadership, Communications & Organizational Change

Susan is Affiliate Professor of Leadership, Communications and Organizational Change at IMD. Susan has more than 20 years of corporate experience in large multinationals, (Japanese, American and European), where she held senior executive positions. Susan is co-author of three award-winning books including: Care to Dare, Unleashing Astonishing Potential through Secure Base Leadership and Choosing Change, How Leaders and Organizations Drive Results One Person at a Time.

Silke Mischke - IMD Executive Coach

Silke Mischke works as a leadership lecturer and senior executive coach. She holds a doctorate in business administration and a master's degree in cognitive psychology. Silke is licensed to administer and interpret several instruments to illuminate individual and group preferences and growth potential. Her coaching and teaching activities cover work with teams and individuals from international organizations.

Program director's thought leadership

by Silke Mischke and professor Jennifer Jordan



By by Silke Mischke and professor Jennifer Jordan


By Professor Susan Goldsworthy and Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff


by Professor Susan Goldsworthy

Next start & fee
Stage 1 - Executive Coaching Essentials. Duration: 11.5 days
Stage 2 - Executive Coaching Certificate. Duration: 10 days
Stage 1&2 can be combined in a 10 month journey. Combined stages fee: CHF 25,000
Imd Executive Coaching Certificate 2023

On campus and live

CHF 26,500

IMD Executive Coaching Certificate - program dates


Stage 1
Module 1 Lausanne campus 05 - 08 April, 2022

Masterclass with Professor Francisco Szekely.
Coaching Presence

Live virtual 02 June, 2022 from 1-5pm CEST
Module 2  Lausanne campus 05 - 08 July, 2022
Masterclass with Professor Jean-François Manzoni.
Set Up To Fail Syndrome
Live virtual 30 August, 2022 from 1-5pm CEST


Stage 2
Module 1 Lausanne campus 06 - 09 September, 2022
Masterclass with Professor Anand Narasimhan.
Bion meets the Buddha
Live virtual 25 October, 2022 from 1-5pm CEST
Module 2  Lausanne campus 15 - 17 November, 2022
Masterclass with Professor Frederic Dalsace.
Build Your Coaching Portfolio & Value Proposition
Live virtual 01 December, 2022 from 1-5pm CET



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