Get the right leadership training – and change your life!

The six highly dynamic and interactive days at HPL can be a life-changing experience for participants. Following on from your pre-program preparation, you focus on the leadership skills you need to create the right inner state with a play-to-win focus. You discover how to build the right relationships and the right social intelligence to be a truly inspiring and authoritative leader.

You develop your emotional intelligence. You discover how to engage in high performance relationships with your followers and teams. You also look at your dialogue patterns, influencing and persuading, dealing with conflict and negotiation and find your secure base as a leader from which you can be more effective.

HPL_content_leadership training

Themes include:

  • Leading yourself and leading others at the edge
  • Learning the techniques that hostage negotiators use to change mindsets and behaviors
  • Understanding motivation, and the role loss and separation plays
  • Analyzing leadership success and failure stories
  • The latest techniques and ideas for talent development
  • Creating and leading high performance teams
  • High performance negotiation and conflict management
  • Exploring your relationship to risk
  • The latest neuroscience techniques to re-wire the brain


You receive intensive group coaching daily to accelerate the development of your leadership skills.

A post-program call with your coach to discuss the implementation of the action plan you develop during the program.

Optional extra coaching

You may also receive extra coaching after the program with the HPL coach of your choice. You may book up to three one-on-one distance coaching sessions  (fees apply).


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