Manage, accelerate and embed change successfully

Organizational transformation happens when you can engage the minds, the hearts, and the behaviors of the people involved. To do so, you need to design a change process and create the context that enables change.

IMD's Change Management program is designed to help you successfully manage your organizational change initiatives – from envisioning the change to mobilizing the people and processes that will bring the change to life. 

Throughout the program, you will apply your learnings to a change initiative that you are currently leading or involved in.

You will explore change management through several lenses: individual and organizational; rational and emotional; people and processes. The holistic perspective you gain will bring together strategy and leadership to allow you to successfully inspire, mobilize and embed change.

Clarify the reasons for change

Clarify the reasons for change and craft a compelling vision

Understand your stakeholders

Understand your stakeholders and potential resistance to change

Identify tactics

Identify tactics that help you accelerate your change and bring stakeholders on board

Craft and deliver powerful messages

Craft and deliver powerful change communication messages

Evaluate and track your success

Evaluate and track the success of your change initiative and sustain the momentum

Your learning journey

Your five-week learning journey is delivered in five units, with each unit examining one of the five change catalysts that help to accelerate your change. You apply your learnings immediately by reflecting on your own change initiative and working through various tools and exercises. You will leave the program with practical tools and techniques that help you to successfully lead and manage change in your organization.  

As part of the program, you will take part in a simulation to better understand how to engage with stakeholders and which tactics are most effective for mobilizing people behind your change initiative.

Each week of the program requires a time commitment of 4-6 hours and includes clear learning objectives and deliverables to help you self-measure the impact of your learning. You will be accompanied by a dedicated executive coach who provides you with weekly feedback and support, and helps you translate what you learn to your own context. 

Work on your own change management initiative
Work on your own change management initiative
Flexible online format
Flexible online format with weekly deliverables
Weekly one-on-one coaching
Weekly one-on-one coaching
Connect with others via group and peer work
Connect with others via group and peer work
Learning journey - visual
You and your class

You are a leader of change initiatives, a manager involved in a change initiative or you are supporting your team in executing the strategy and spearheading a transformation.

Your class is individually put together through a selection process to ensure that you experience the most impactful learning with a truly diverse group of global peers. They will become a trusted resource, encourage your learning journey, and surprise you in many unanticipated beneficial ways, during and beyond your learning experience.

Benefit from faculty expertise and research

Bettina Büchel, Professor of Strategy and Organization at IMD

Professor Bettina Büchel current research topics include change management, strategy implementation, new business development, and strategic alliances. She is the author of numerous case studies and books. Read full biography


Alyson Meister, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at IMD

Professor Alyson Meister specializes in leading diversity and change, workplace stress and wellbeing, team dynamics, and supporting organizations to cultivate globally-minded, adaptive, and resilient leaders. Read full biography

Many change initiatives fail. This hands-on program develops your strategic and leadership capabilities so you can successfully inspire, mobilize and embed change.

Bettina Büchel

Program co-director

Professor of Strategy and Organization

Leading change successfully requires engaging the hearts, minds, and energy of those involved. This program provides the knowledge, tools and best practices to bring your change initiatives to life. 

Alyson Meister

Program co-director

Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Articles by Bettina Büchel and Alyson Meister
Leading through change

Alyson Meister and Bettina Büchel explain how to communicate, plan and prioritize as you manage ambiguity and change.

Change management

Around 50% of change initiatives fall into the category of "ceremonial adoption" rather than the desired active adoption.

Develop and execute value-creating strategies

Against disruptive growth and fast-changing markets, accelerated strategy execution has become vital. 

Boosting wellbeing post-COVID

Declining mental health not only infiltrates our minds, homes and places of work, it also has dire financial implications for organizations and economies.

Next start & fee
Length: 5 weeks of study (4-6 hours per week)


CHF 1,950



CHF 1,950



CHF 1,950



CHF 1,950

Special offer

CHF 1,750 for IMD alumni


Application deadline:

Application deadline closes 2 weeks before the program starts. 


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