What you can expect in the program

BPSE takes you through an exploration of what really matters. Your 10-day journey with IMD takes you twice through a reflection and action learning cycle.  You successively consider the personal, interpersonal, intra-organizational and, finally, extra-organizational dynamics that all contribute to shaping your behavior and the choices you make as a top executive.

Understanding deeply what these dynamics are, and the role they play, will help free up your energy so you can focus on what really matters to you and your organization.

Your reflection and action learning cycle

Your first time going through this learning cycle will help to clarify what the challenges and sensitive points are while the second time round you will formulate clear response plans at each level (personal, interpersonal, intra-organizational and extra-organizational).

You'll think hard about questions such as:

  • What motivates me today? What do I want to achieve versus what do others want me to achieve?
  • If I am not aiming to move further up the corporate ladder, what do I want to do?
  • What do I want to contribute to my company and to society?
  • What are the difficult conversations I am avoiding or need to have?
  • Are my influencing skills working for or against me?
  • Am I a high performer? Do I turn others into high performers?

You'll experiment with new tools to engage your environment in new ways:

  • Problem formulation and design
  • Managing for performance framework
  • Best-self assessment
  • Individual directions inventory
  • Digital business agility

Simulations, experiential exercises, peer-learning, facilitation role-playing and personal coaching all contribute to enriching your learning and making sure it translates into lasting impact after the program. You will leave re-energized and focused, ready to conquer personal and organizational issues that matter.


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