Your need for more sophisticated board skills has never been greater

Your role as a board member is evolving rapidly in these times of accelerated change and increased complexity.

You are faced with new demands and new challenges. With chief executives overstretched, boards have become, more than ever, essential to corporate success. Your need for more sophisticated board governance skills has never been greater.

The IMD Board Practice Series empowers you and your board to play a more proactive, productive and effective role – so you can become a competitive advantage for your company and make a real difference.


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Looking for best-in-class board training? 

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Want the latest trends & best practices in board governance?

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Need to develop very specific board skills?

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Have you thought of getting your board diploma or certificate?

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On Campus
Get the right digital vocabulary and toolkit
Develop your understanding of the new digital landscape so you can evaluate digital opportunities and threats for your organization with confidence.
On Campus
Build a high performing board team
Discover how you can influence these relationships to drive a culture of high performance.
On Campus
Get the right finance vocabulary and toolkit
Finance for Boards gives you the essential finance knowledge and tools you need to make tough board decisions in areas such as mergers & acquisitions and risk...
On Campus
Risk governance and prevention in a chaotic world
Boards and Risks enables board members to benchmark board best practices on risks and update to the latest risk thinking.
On Campus
Master stakeholder dynamics for effective corporate governance
Stakeholder Management for Boards enables board members to explore new ways of thinking about stakeholder dynamics and gain diverse tools for best-in-class stakeholder...
On Campus
Confidently guide corporate strategy in the digital age
Strategy Governance for Boards enables you to play a meaningful, advisory role in the governance of your firm’s strategy within the context of an increasingly complex...

Our research and programs empower board members and enhance board performance against a backdrop of pressures from society, government and an increasingly globalized and complex world

Professor Didier Cossin

Director of the IMD Global Board Center

Addressing your needs as a board professional

You are a board member, chairperson, board secretary, aspiring board member or a professional working closely with boards? Find with us your path to greater board effectiveness.

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