Alumni Clubs

Alumni Clubs offer a wide range of activities, spanning from speaker events, industry visits, social gatherings, etc.  The mission of clubs is to strengthen the network of individual IMD Alumni locally and globally, help maintain a strong relationship with IMD, enable continuous learning, help facilitate an exchange of ideas and experience in management and business, and create opportunities for building and expanding solid business relationships.

There are 50 Alumni Clubs worldwide. They are all diverse in nature and they carry their own local characteristics and spirit.  Some clubs are run in countries where the alumni community is large, others are smaller. Some have an annual agenda of planned speaker events and social activities, others organize activities in a more spontaneous manner. The average number of events by club per year is 3-5.  Each club has its own approach to membership. Some clubs charge an annual membership fee, others do not.  All share the same interest in getting engaged and working towards a strong and thriving Alumni network.

The relation between IMD and IMD Alumni Clubs is defined in the "9 Guiding Principles for IMD Alumni Clubs".