The IMD Alumni Club of Silicon Valley is structured as a California Unincorporated Nonprofit Association.

A basic membership fee (USD 150 per year) is required to provide the financial resources to run the club and execute our events and programs. But more than that, it is an important step in the development of our alumni community and its impact in Silicon Valley.

As an IMD alumni, you are part of the close-knit, global community that IMD is known for. Now you have a very concrete way to join the Silicon Valley Alumni Club and increase both your connection with the IMD community and the Silicon Valley ecosystem.


I invite you to become a Club member, by clicking here.


The official Articles of Association of the Club are available here.

Club Membership Terms are available here.

IMD's 9 Guiding Principles for Alumni Clubs are avaialable here.

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IMD Alumni Club of USA - Silicon Valley